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reagan era for bankrupting the country. >> guest: well, it--it really is not fair. he proposed to cut tax rates. the democrats in congress panicked and said, 'we can't let them get away with this,' so they doubled him. they made the increase in cuts far more extensive than he had asked for, and it was very difficult for him to veto it, after all. and then the democrats in congress proceeded, over the next eight to 10 years, to spend far more money than economic growth, in all rationality, would have persuaded them to spend. they--i think, really, they were quite deli--deliberate in their irresponsibility, and they kept inventing programs, giving them as entitlements, regardless of the financial consequences. and they had managed to persuade a lot of people in the media it was ronald reagan who is responsible for the increase in the deficit. he's not. he tried to veto many of those bills. he could not because the democrats controlled congress, and so he was forced, willy-nilly, if you're going to have a budget at all--and mr. clinton is going to discover this--you just have to go along, in
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1